Prep at NCC

Laying Foundations for Future Learning

Nambour Christian College Prep stimulates and builds upon children’s curiosity and motivation to learn.

Our goal is to provide students with a smooth transition into Year 1 by ensuring that foundations for future learning are established in a developmentally appropriate way. At NCC we have a high staff to student ratio, ensuring highly personalised and attentive interactions. This helps foster a joy of learning and a strong family-like environment within each Prep class.

Prep students benefit from their own safe and secure area with specific indoor classrooms and outdoor play zones.

Creativity and Education

Our Preparatory program introduces the child to the structures and expectations of schooling in a supportive environment, thus allowing the child to develop spiritually, socially, physically, emotionally, cognitively and creatively. These are all elements of our educational philosophy.

NCC is an environment where teachers:
  • Are committed to modelling Christian values and teaching
  • Are sensitive to the needs of children and truly care for them
  • Are ongoing learners
  • Know and use developmentally appropriate practices
  • Monitor and facilitate children’s learning
  • Work in partnership with parents
Our Prep Curriculum is a child responsive with learning facilitated via five contexts:
  • Play – investigation and reflection after play
  • Real Life Situations – e.g. planning a group activity together; making wise choices
  • Investigations – e.g. the weight of things and their capacity to hold water or float
  • Routines and Transitions – planning together; cleaning up after activities
  • Focused Learning & Teaching – strong focus on numeracy and literacy

Within these environments our passionate staff build on teachable moments to extend individual children’s learning experiences.

Daily Program

Each day in Prep is structured but allows for flexibility and the opportunity to explore according to the interest of the children. During the week, the following areas will be covered with French being taught from Prep at NCC.

Devotional timeIndoor activitiesOutdoor activities
StorytimeMusic*Creative play
Individual activitiesiPadsPhysical Education*
Numeracy & literacy activitiesGroup workLanguage
Perceptual Motor Program (PMP)FingergymLibrary visit*

*co-ordinated by qualified, specialist teachers

Our Prep Teachers

NCC Prep classes are staffed by highly educated teachers and supported by a full-time Teacher Assistant for each class.

Meet our Prep teachers here.

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